Permanent Magnet in IH Rice Cookers

Demand Increase of Permanent Magnet
With the rice cooker, IH technology is bound to use a magnetic material (including neodymium n52, cobalt, nickel, etc.), many domestic and foreign manufacturers in the development and mass production of IH rice cookers, which means rare earth magnet demand will be increasing.

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IH Rice Cooker – Super High-End Rice Cooker on The Market Now
IH is an abbreviation for Induction Heating, Induction means electromagnetic induction, and Heating, by definition, is “electromagnetic heating.”

Electromagnetic Coil Technology
This product canceled the heating plate of the traditional rice cooker, instead, an electromagnetic coil, mounted on the inner portion and the bottom of the pot between the insulation cover, uses electromagnetic induction heating to cook food, so that the inner pot is both a carrier and heat generation.

Compared With The Traditional Rice Cookers
IH rice cooker is not only fast and uniform heating but also in environmental protection, service life and safety performance also has unique advantages, it will be the future development trend of the rice cooker.

Non-Contact Heating Technology
It works by generating a frequency of 20-40 kHz high-frequency alternating current through the control circuit, the high-frequency current flowing through the solenoid will produce rapid changes in the alternating magnetic field.

When an alternating magnetic field lines close through the magnetic field near the custom magnet (iron, cobalt, nickel) will drive the material’s microcrystalline structure of the metal, thus producing countless small eddy, and then letting the metal material microstructure friction between itself and its own fever, achieve the purpose of non-contact heating of the metal material.

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