Application of NdFeB in Permanent Magnet Motor Industry

What is a permanent magnet motor?

A permanent magnet motor uses a permanent magnet to generate the magnetic field of the motor without an excitation coil or excitation current. It has high efficiency and a simple structure. It is a good energy-saving motor. With the advent of high-performance permanent magnet materials and the rapid development of control technology, the application of permanent magnet motors will become more extensive.

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Neodymium magnets are widely used in permanent magnet motors.

What are permanent magnet motors?
Common permanent magnet motors are: permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet AC motor

Permanent magnet DC motors include: brush DC motor, brushless motor, stepper motor, etc.

Permanent magnet AC motors include synchronous permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet servo motor, etc.

What are the benefits of rare earth permanent magnet materials?
Because of the excellent magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnet materials, a strong permanent magnetic field can be established without additional energy after magnetization.

The rare earth permanent magnet motor made by replacing the electric field of the traditional magnet rotor is not only efficient, but also simple in structure, reliable in operation, small in size, and light in weight. It can not only achieve the high performance (such as super high efficiency, super high speed, and super high response speed) that traditional electric excitation motors cannot match but also make special motors that can meet the specific operational requirements, such as elevator traction motor, automobile special motor, etc.

How is a permanent magnet motor used in the automotive industry?
The automotive industry is the largest user of permanent magnet motors. The motor is the key component of automobiles. In a super luxury car, there are more than 70 motors for various purposes, most of which are low-voltage permanent magnet DC micro-motors. Starter motors for automobiles and motorcycles can be reduced by half by using Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets and decelerating planetary gears.

The combination of rare earth permanent magnet motor (REPM) with power electronics and computer control technology has improved the performance of the motor and transmission system to a new level. Therefore, improving the performance and level of the technical equipment is an important development direction for the motor industry to adjust its industrial structure.

What are the other applications of permanent magnet motors?
Rare earth permanent magnet motors are widely used in aviation, aerospace, national defense, equipment manufacturing, industrial and agricultural production, and daily life. It includes a permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet generator, direct current motor, brushless direct current motor, AC permanent magnet servo motor, permanent magnet linear motor, voice coil motors, special permanent magnet motor and related control system, covering almost the entire motor industry.

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