What is the Correct Method to Keep Neodymium Magnets Safely?

The correct way to use Neodymium magnets

1. Pick open method

During the process of thickness magnetization, you can’t pick it up directly, because one of its main characteristics is hard and brittle, so you can’t pick it up directly when using a relatively brittle magnet, so as to avoid the brokenness caused by bad picking or too much force.

storage neodymium magnet

2. push open method

Thickness magnetized magnets use the push-open method, these magnets are too strong, and it is easy to pinch hands. Push them as far as possible, there are also methods of pushing. When pushing, please make sure to push them away with parallel force to avoid being squeezed violently and squeezing or damaging them. Usually, the larger size magnets are handled by the manufacturer as much as possible. Usually, environmentally friendly paper is used to separate the magnets, which is done to avoid both wasting time and effort in the process of using them, and they also easy to hurt people.

3. Placement method

If it is a pair of magnetized Neodymium magnets, it must be placed in pairs, and be careful when placing it. Don’t let it lose its magnetism. Once it loses its magnetism, it can’t be used anymore, so it should be replaced at this time.

4、Avoid collision

In the process of use, we should pay attention to its material is easy to become brittle, so we should be especially careful in the process of using it, we must avoid the collision phenomenon, once it falls to the ground accidentally, it is easy to be broken or blistered, then it can not be used again.

Therefore, Neodymium NdFeB magnets should be used with different magnetization methods and magnetic strengths, so we should pay attention to the way of using it.

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