What Are The Strongest Magnets Available

At present, the strongest permanent magnet is neodymium magnets, so it is also called neodymium super magnets. The neo magnets produced by Stanford Magnets are mainly special-shaped strong magnets. They are often used in magneto, servo motors, and micro motors.

ferrite magnets

But the magnets used in different environments are also different, if you want to say which magnetic force is strong in the ordinary environment, it is OK to use N grade NdFeB magnets, we can use N35-N52 according to the situation, the higher the grade of is, the stronger the magnetic force of magnets with the same specification is), the highest operating temperature is 80 degrees.

Many people will think that the magnetic force adding H, SH, and UH behind grade will be stronger, in fact, the higher the temperature is, the lower the magnetic force is, and the inverse ratio is not proportional.

Which part of the magnet attracts the most?

This is a magnet with a strong magnetic force at both ends, which can also be measured by a gauge. The magnetic field at the center of the magnet is lower than that at the edge of the magnet.

What magnet is the strongest magnet at more than 200 degrees Celsius?

In an environment above 200 degrees Celsius, the samarium cobalt magnet is the most powerful magnet. The price of magnets is slightly higher than that of neodymium magnets. Because iron is a small part of the samarium cobalt magnet, it is not easy to corrode. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to make electroplating treatment. For beauty, electroplating is also acceptable.

If the samarium cobalt magnet is used in seawater, some rust spots will appear on the surface of the product, but it will not affect its performance and use. Due to the physical properties of the samarium cobalt magnet, which is very brittle (even brittler than glass), the edge part will be short of edges and corners if a little force is applied.

As far as ferrites magnets are concerned, magnetism is relatively weak and the price is very low. In case of extra high temperature, it is usually chosen.

What are the main differences between universal magnetism and strong magnetism?

Ordinary magnets, including ferrite magnets, that is, we usually say it the iron absorption stone, the surface does not need to do surface treatment, the appearance is black.

Strong magnets, generally refer to rare earth permanent magnets, including powerful neodymium magnets, the surface is usually galvanized by two kinds of nickel plating, of course, there are many coatings.

The biggest difference between the two is the appearance, high-temperature resistance, and price, if the magnetic force is not much required, as long as the cost is low, then the use of ordinary magnetic can be, like some packaging, handbags, leather products, mostly ordinary magnetic. If there is great demand for magnetism, then strong magnetism is the first choice.

Why do we use heteromorphic magnets? What are the advantages of heteromorphic magnets?

The special-shaped magnet has high-cost performance and good mechanical properties. It has a high magnetic energy product and coercive force and has been widely applied in modern industry and electronic technology. Heteromorphic magnets are widely used in electroacoustics, electrical appliances, magnet rotors, mobile phones, and so on.

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