Applications of High Performance NdFeB Permanent Magnet Materials

In the rare earth functional materials industry, high-performance neodymium permanent magnets are mainly used. Neodymium magnets are mainly used in high-end applications such as new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection, such as EPS, new energy vehicles, and so on.

hard disk

With the technological innovation of the automobile industry and the demand for energy-saving and environmental protection, electric or hybrid vehicles with low energy consumption, low noise and low exhaust gas have become the goal of everyone.

Bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets have the advantages of high magnetic properties, small size, and high efficiency. The motor using Nd-Fe-B magnets has 8-50% higher efficiency, 10% lower power consumption, and 30% lower volume and weight. The development of the automobile is miniaturization, lightweight, high performance, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

In addition, bonded neodymium magnets are mainly used in micro-motors and sensors of medium and high-grade vehicles. Each medium and the high-grade luxury car uses 50-80 micro-motors, some even up to 100, with an average of at least 60. For example, the seat motor, window motor, wiper motor, EPS power steering sensor, magnet rotor, onboard CD or hard disk, and so on, with the development of automobiles to comfort, energy-saving, and automation, the neodymium magnet used in automobile motor will increase.
In addition to automotive applications, hard disk drives have a high application of bonded NdFeB. The world has entered the information age. The improvement and development of magnetic storage technology and hard disk drive technology will certainly bring about the development of the large data storage industry, and the global demand for hard disks will remain stable. And the development of cloud computing has a higher requirement for massive data, massive storage, and massive management of computers. As an important medium of magnetic storage technology, the hard disk is one of the most important data storage methods. It will develop with the development of cloud computing. This will bring a large market for bonded neodymium magnets for the hard disk.
Moreover, the emergence of ultra-thin hard drives brings new opportunities for bonded neodymium magnets. To counter the impact of SSDs, several of the world’s largest hard disk manufacturers are planning to develop ultra-thin hard disks to meet the increasing popularity of the tablet computer market demand, the development of ultra-thin hard disks will bring new opportunities for hard disk magnets.

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, we have experienced the full progress of all walks of life in the enjoyment of the rapid development of science and technology, but also in all walks of life can improve the efficiency of the method. No matter how the development of science and technology, our life and work are inseparable from the motor, it is natural to use motor tiles. So the development of magnetic tile in science and technology is also very important.
Every day we work off the means of transportation, the need to drive the motor vehicle movement, the motor in the shoulder of energy conversion at the same time also shoulder the efficiency and safety and other tasks. Among them, the motor magnetic tile is also very important. According to the actual needs, the magnetic tile has a variety of shapes and styles.
Modern tiles are made of permanent magnets, on the one hand, the magnetism will not disappear, basically achieving permanent use. You can assume that if it’s not a permanent magnet, if there’s a loss of magnetism or a loss of magnetism in the process of application, the consequences can be imagined, not much impact and damage, but a car or an aircraft is the entirely different concept.
In addition, the magnetic tile is now required to be able to withstand high temperatures, if the motor heating caused damage to the magnetic tile, also in some heavy industry or high-tech areas will cause inestimable losses, so the more important our motor tile is, the more need to ensure its safety and performance. Of course, today’s high-tech, industry has been very standardized, and magnetic tile development has been able to meet the needs of industrial development.

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