What are the Applications of Magnets in Daily Life?

Magnets are closely related to our daily life.

Strong magnets sound familiar, we all know that magnets can absorb iron and many people have used them, but when asked about the specific applications of magnets in our daily lives, it is difficult to summarize them. Today we will analyze the specific connection between magnets and our life.

magnets in daily life

Electro-acoustic devices

Cell phones, televisions, stereos, headphones, and all sound-emitting speakers, such as speakers a devices to convert the electrical signal into an acoustic signal. Mainly composed of a fixed permanent magnet, coil, and conical paper cone.

When the sound is in the form of audio current through the coil in the speaker, the magnetic field generated by the magnet on the speaker will produce a force on the coil, and the coil will produce different frequencies of vibration due to changes in the strength of the current, and then drive the paper cone to send out different frequencies and strength of the sound. Paper pots will vibrate through the air to spread out, so we hear the sound.

Electronic devices

Cell phones, tablet computers, such as hibernation holsters.

Luggage holsters and many other items are used to attract magnets to fix.

The medical field

The most commonly used in medical examination is MRI. It is the use of the body’s own magnetic field and the instrument itself carries the magnetic material, the interaction, and the formation of the detection of the image, to help people see the cause of the lesion. Similarly in other medical modalities, there are also many traces of the application of magnets, such as acupuncture magnetic therapy, magnetic sense detector, etc.

Electric motors

Magnet motors, and other electrical energy and kinetic energy conversion devices.

Living appliances

Such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, and other appliances, also used a lot of magnets.

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