How to Distinguish the Performance of NdFeB N35-N52 Magnets?

How do distinguish the performance of NdFeB strong magnets N35-N52?

NdFeB strong magnets are generally divided into N35/N38/N40/N42/N45/N48/N50/N52 and so on. The most obvious difference between each performance grade is the magnetic property, for example, the higher the performance grade is, the better the magnetic property of the product.

n52 magnet

However, NdFeB strong magnet is a kind of product with active surface molecules, so the surface of NdFeB strong magnet should be plated, such as galvanized, nickel plated, nickel-copper-nickel plated, epoxy resin plated, etc.

Usually, we don’t have the instruments to test the magnetism of the product with us at any time, so how can we judge the product performance of a NdFeB magnet? To be exact, there is no way to judge the performance of a magnet without any testing equipment.

Because they all look the same, you can’t see any result, maybe you are looking for several magnet suppliers, the quotation is different, this raises the question, why that one is so cheap, is it really the grade I want?

In the actual work requirements, we often encounter the need to judge the magnetic properties of the product, if there is a Gauss meter, we can make an approximate judgment based on the surface magnetic field of the product, and without the instrument, we need to use the product itself to determine the unique magnetic conditions, for example, we first use the magnet to correspond to the attraction or repulsion, from which we can judge the magnetic poles of the magnet product, at least to be able to judge Uniform direction of the magnetic poles.

Secondly, we can feel the magnetism of the magnet product by panning two magnets that are attracted to each other.

Why is the price of magnets N45, and N52 grade more expensive than N35?

Firstly, from the price of materials, N45, and N52 material prices are much higher than N35, higher than a few dozen kilograms.

Secondly, in terms of performance, N35 magnetism is far less than N45 and N52, mainly because of the difference in remanence, coercivity, and maximum magnetic energy product, N35 magnetism is the smaller one among NdFeB grades, the larger the number, the stronger the magnetism, and the price difference is bigger.

In terms of magnetic force, for example, a D10*10 cylinder magnet of N35 can suck up about 1kg, while the same size of N52 can suck up about 1.5kg, so N52 magnet is more expensive than N35, N38, and N40.

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