What are Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnet is an alloy that is composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, etc.

Manufacturing Methods:

1. Overview

There are two different processes for Alnico magnets production: casting process and sintering process.

Cast magnets can be easily produced in different sizes and shapes. Cast Alnico magnets have the lowest reversible temperature coefficient (αBr) so that the operating temperature can reach 600 ℃. Moreover, cast Alnico magnets are resistant to moisture and are difficult to be oxidized. Their operation stability is terrific.

Compared with the casting process, the sintering process is most often used in the production of small-sized magnets. The tolerance of sintered Alnico blank is tighter and the machinability is better. Therefore, the sintering process is appropriate for manufacturing lighter, thinner, and more complicated products. The selection of the process is based on applications and sizes of rare earth magnets.

U shaped horseshoe alnico magnet

2. Application

Cast Alnico magnets are widely used in auto parts, instruments, electric acoustics, motors, the aerospace industry, etc.

Sintered Alnico magnets are often used in various sensors, the automobile industry, instruments, communications industry, magnetic switches, etc.

3. Process Flow

Cast Alnico Magnets

U Shaped Horseshoe Alnico Magnet

Sintered Alnico Magnets


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