Why Does A Magnet Have Magnetism

There is a magnetic field around the magnet.

There is a magnetic field around the magnet, and the interaction between the magnets is mediated by the magnetic field. The magnetic field is a kind of special material that can not be seen or touched. The magnetic field is not composed of atoms or molecules, but it exists objectively. The magnetic field has the radiation characteristics of wave particles.

Since the magnetism of a magnet originates from current, which is the motion of charge, it is generally said that the magnetic field is generated by moving charge or changing electric field.

There is a magnetic field around the rare earth magnet. The interaction between the magnets is mediated by the magnetic field, so the two magnets can work without contacting.

Magnetic field characteristics

A magnetic field is a substance that exerts a magnetic force on the magnet placed in it. The basic characteristic of the magnetic field is that it can exert a force on the moving charges, that is, the electrified conductor is subjected to the force of the magnetic field in the magnetic field. This is why the magnetic field acts on the current, the force on the magnet or the force distance.

The magnetic field is a kind of special material that can not be seen or touched. The magnetic field is not composed of atoms or molecules, but it exists objectively. The magnetic field has the radiation characteristics of wave particles.

Charge and current movement produces the magnetic field

Principle of magnetic field generation

Modern physics has proved that the ultimate structure of any substance is composed of electrons (with unit negative charge), protons (with a unit positive charge) and neutrons (with an external display of electric neutrality). A point charge is a material point containing excess electrons (with unit negative charge) or protons (with a unit positive charge). Therefore, the reason why current produces magnetic field can only be attributed to the magnetic field generated by moving electrons.

Charge movement produces a magnetic field, electric current also produces the magnetic field. There are magnetic fields around the wires. Unlike atoms, the magnetic field is invisible and intangible. It generates magnetic field conditions. Charge movement is just like the principle that weight is absorbed on the earth.

magnetic field

The magnetic field is energetic.

The magnetic field generated by moving charge or changing electric field, or the total magnetic field is a passive and rotating vector field, and the magnetic lines are closed curve clusters, uninterrupted and uncrossed. The magnetic field is a rotational field rather than a potential field (conservative field), and there is no scalar function similar to the potential.

The electric field is an active irrotational vector field.

Geomagnetic field

The earth’s magnetic field comes from the inner part of the earth. The solid is surrounded by molten liquid iron and nickel. The movement of the earth’s center in the liquid metal produces electric current and forms the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field shielded the cosmic rays, mainly attacked by solar storms, and protected the continuity of life on Earth. Scientists have found that when volcanic magma solidifies, iron is always arranged in the direction of the magnetic field. Experts call this phenomenon geodynamics, and the earth’s magnetic field is dominated by the earth’s power.

Applications of High Temperature Magnets

The greatest advantage of high-temperature resistant magnets is that they can create a strong magnetic field around them at high temperatures without consuming their own energy. High-temperature resistant magnets have a wide range of applications, in modern science and technology in various fields, magnetic materials play different colors. The more common applications of high-temperature resistant magnets are:

1, Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and apply electromotive force in the conductor moving in the magnetic field. Such as receiver, generator, pickup, etc.

2, Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the current carrying conductor will be subjected to electric force through the magnetic field. The magnitude of the force F = BLI (B is the flux density, L is the length of the wire, I is the size of the current), and its direction of force conforms to the Left-Handed Rule of the Ming Dynasty, including electric loudspeaker, motor, electric earphone, magnetron, cathode ray tube and so on.

dc motors

3, Converting one mechanical energy into another is based on the principle that magnets repel each other and attract each other. Examples of such examples are electromagnets, electromagnetic conveyors, magnetic separators, etc.

4, Other special functions, including magnetized water, magnetic descaling, compass, voice coil motors, magnetic therapy and so on.

Above is the more common application range of high-temperature magnet which we have introduced in detail. Although the use of high-temperature rare earth magnet involves more categories, its application in loudspeakers and other electrical sound components is the main, followed by the application in generators and motors, which account for about 60% of the magnetic material requirements.

high temperature resistant magnets
With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are gradually pursuing individuality and fashion while satisfying the basic life, thus promoting the development of this industry, making the jewelry industry has an unprecedented development trend. Magnetic jewelry is the product of this era. Magnetic jewelry has aroused people’s new understanding of ornaments. So, what should we pay attention to during the wearing process of magnetic accessories?

First, when wearing magnetic ornaments, avoid direct contact with corrosive objects, so as to protect magnetic ornaments from the surface.

Second, the preservation environment should also pay attention to, magnetic ornaments should be kept in a dry environment, humid conditions or other conditions are not conducive to the protection of magnetic ornaments.

Third, if there is a stain, it should be properly cleaned with a soft brush, only a little stain can be used to wipe the surface with the cloth.

Fourth, in the process of wearing, we should pay attention to collision with hard objects, and hard objects collision will inevitably create a gap, so that there will be defects.

Fifth, the best way to maintain is to wear it every day, which is the best protection for magnetic accessories.