Something You Should Know About Strong Magnets

Seven tips about magnets.

1、What are the types of magnets?

Classified by properties: NdFeB magnets (strong magnets), ferrite magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, alnico magnets, ferrochrome cobalt magnets.

Classified by shape: disc magnets, block magnets, cube magnets, custom magnets, cylinder magnets, etc.

2、Which type of magnet has the best magnetic property?

The answer is NdFeB powerful magnet, which belongs to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet, also known as a powerful magnet or magnetic king. Its magnetic performance is much higher than ferrite, alnico, and samarium cobalt magnets, and it is the best magnet with the best performance-to-price ratio so far.

3、Maximum working temperature of different material magnets

The maximum working temperatures of different magnets are different. Generally speaking, the maximum working temperature of magnets means that beyond this temperature, irreversible loss of magnetic properties of permanent magnets will occur. Ferrite permanent magnet 450℃, NdFeB 310℃, SmCo 750℃, Alnico 850℃.

ndfeb epoxy magnet ring

NdFeB epoxy magnet ring

4、How long is the life span of a permanent magnet?

Theoretically, the life of permanent magnets is permanent, but the actual working environment is different from the experiment. There are two main factors that affect the life of magnets: corrosion and demagnetization.

Like NdFeB magnet, it is a magnetic material that is easy to corrode and must do electroplating and surface anticorrosive treatment. If you don’t do anti-corrosion treatment, it may oxidize quickly and even become powder.

Another convenience is demagnetization, after demagnetization, it will affect its service life, even if it is magnetized again, it may not reach the previous performance.

5、Common processing methods of magnets

The common processing methods are wire cutting, grinding, chamfering, plating, perforating, etc.

6、What materials are magnets made of?

There are more types of magnets, and different types of magnets are made of different materials. The main component of the common ferrite magnet is Fe3O4, and the component of the NdFeB magnet is mainly neodymium, iron, boron, and other rare earth metals such as dysprosium (Dy) and praseodymium (Pr). The main components of the samarium cobalt magnet are rare earth samarium, cobalt, iron, copper, and zirconium. Alnico permanent magnet is an alloy composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metal elements.

7、What is the role and function of permanent magnets

Magnets are widely used, such as permanent magnet motors, sensors, speakers, generators, magnetic therapy, hardware toys, etc.

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