Are Rare Earth NdFeB Magnets Harmful to Human Body?

What is NdFeB Magnet?

First of all, let’s understand the raw material composition of rare earth NdFeB: Neodymium magnet, also known as NdFeB magnet, is a quadratic crystal system formed by neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B).

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At present, NdFeB is mainly divided into two kinds: sintered NdFeB and bonded NdFeB. Sintered NdFeB is easy to corrode, so the surface needs to be plated, usually with zinc, nickel, environmental protection zinc, environmental protection nickel, nickel-copper-nickel, environmental protection nickel-copper-nickel, etc.

After all, such magnets contain a lot of rare metals, so many people are worried that NdFeB magnets are harmful to people and may cause problems if used for a long time.

Are NdFeB magnets harmful to people? Will there be any problems when we use them?

1. Medically speaking, NdFeB magnets are not harmful to people, and they are also used in medicine for magnetic therapy, as long as they are not in contact for a long time.

However, if the body is equipped with a pacemaker and other medical electronic devices, it is strongly recommended not to do the work related to strong NdFeB magnets, which will bring great harm to the body.

2. Strong NdFeB magnet magnetic field and AC magnetic field radiation problem. The United States has a clear regulation on the strength of the electromagnetic field, more than 3000 gausses magnetic field strength is harmful to the human body, but there is no regulation on the static magnetic field how much it is harmful to the human body.

NdFeB magnets belong to the static magnetic fields, most of them are in the range of 2000~4000 gauss, but the magnetic force of super strong magnetic tools made by special arrangement (magnetic bar/magnetic frame) is up to 12000~14000 gauss. There is no research to show what effect it has on the human body. This actually shows that the average person can be exposed to all the static magnetic fields is almost no harm to people.

3. The physical injury should be alerted to the possible trauma caused by the direct attraction of magnets, especially NdFeB powerful magnets and large magnets that can cause more injury to the human body. The magnetic energy product (BH) max of the NdFeB magnet is more than 10 times that of ferrite, and it can even absorb more than 640 times of its own weight.

The damage of magnet entering the body by mouth is more serious and may hurt the life because the magnet itself is magnetic, the mutual absorption in the body will cause intestinal perforation in the body, and then cause hemorrhage, the situation will endanger the life, please be careful magnet directly to children playing.

Advantages and disadvantages of rare earth NdFeB magnets

Neodymium Magnet Advantages:

NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and strong magnetism, which is by far the most outstanding permanent magnet in terms of cost performance.

With high energy products, high coercive force, and good stability, NdFeB permanent magnet material is suitable for manufacturing miniature and high-efficiency permanent magnet devices.

It is widely used in micro motor, permanent magnet instruments, electronic industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, nuclear magnetic resonance devices, audio equipment, magnetic levitation system, magnetic transmission mechanism and magnetic therapy equipment, etc.

Neodymium Magnet Disadvantages:

The disadvantage of NdFeB magnets is their poor temperature performance, the magnetic loss is larger when used at high temperatures, and the maximum working temperature is lower. Generally, the maximum working temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius, and the maximum working temperature can be up to 200 degrees Celsius for magnets with special treatment. Meanwhile, the property of NdFeB magnets is that the permanent magnet material is fragile and brittle, so it must be careful against falling and touching.

Because of the large amount of neodymium and iron in the material, it is easy to rust and corrosion is also its weakness. Therefore, NdFeB magnets must be coated with surface treatment. It can be plated with nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (Au), chromium (Cr), epoxy resin (Epoxy), etc.

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