How to Delivery Super Strong Magnets By Air

How can we shield a magnet package? At present, a common iron sheet is the main material to shield the magnetic field.

super strong rare earth magnet

Magnetic shielding requires high permeability material. Ferronickel is such a type of material that can meet the requirement.

If magnet goods pass inspection and have Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, then strong rare earth magnet can be sent by air. In order to pass the inspection requirement by IATA (International Air Transport Association) DGR, we need to do some special treatment for the package.

Due to the interference of weak stray magnetic fields on the navigation system and the control signal of the aircraft, IATA listed magnetic goods as Class 9 dangerous goods and meanwhile limited their delivery. For this reason, have you ever wondered about how to deliver super-strong rare earth magnets by air?

Under the terms of the IATA DGR: if the maximum magnetic field strength of any air cargo is less than 0.159A / m (200nT) with a distance 2.1m (7ft) away from the outer surface of the package, then this item can be treated as normal cargo to be airlifted, and is not subject to any restriction of a magnetic substance.

Please pay attention that there must be a gap between the iron sheet and the magnet. And you can fill the air gap with any nonmagnetic material as support.

For larger-size magnets, it is difficult to reach total shielding requirements only by a single layer of shielding material. We have two other ways to solve this problem. One is increasing the thickness of the iron plate.

The other is a combination of shielding, putting one shielding into another shielding, leaving a certain gap between them. A combination of shielding is much better than single-layer shielding which can reduce the magnetic field to a low level.

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