Application of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet in New Energy Automobile

NdFeB magnets are widely used in automobile motors, servo motor wind turbines, robots, and the elevator, air conditioning, speakers, etc.

new energy automobile

Rare earth magnet is widely used in the new energy vehicle market, the quality of the magnet is affected by the model, the design idea, and other various aspects of the automobile.

Since the outer ring of permanent magnets, the rotor will, therefore, operate as provided on the outer side of the stator. Typically a rotor of a new energy automobile has a generator stator combination use, and this serves as the outer ring of the rotor.

More than 30 parts of general motors vehicle use rare earth permanent magnet, and there are more than 70 parts of luxury cars that need to use rare earth permanent magnet materials, a fully automatic advanced car need about 0.5 kg – 3.5 kg.

NdFeB magnets rare earth permanent magnet material on new energy vehicles, each hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to use more 5 kg of neodymium magnet than the traditional car; Pure electric vehicles (EV), rare earth permanent magnet motor has replaced the traditional generator.

All the above permanent magnets can be used on magnetic coupling and magnet rotors. But neodymium iron boron is the most widely used magnetic material due to its high magnetic energy product (BHmax) and intrinsic coercive force. When under high working temperature (above 200 degrees Celsius), you can use SmCo magnet which can reach 250 to 300 degrees Celsius.


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