Neodymium Bar Magnets VS Neodymium Disc Magnets

As technology advances permanent magnets made of rare-earth magnets will remain in high demand. Depending on one’s project, a neodymium magnet of a particular shape can be found. Neodymium bar magnets and neodymium disc magnets are typical shapes. Let’s talk about the difference between their applications.

neodymium bar disc magnet

Neodymium bar magnets

Neodymium bar magnets can be applied to projects that have straight edges. A bar magnet is a rectangular-shaped thing. It is a block from which many other shapes can be cut out. Bar-shaped neo magnets have varied sizes. Each size is compatible with a given application. Thus it is essential to know where to apply a neodymium bar magnet of a particular size. If a customer is not sure of the correct size or dimensions for their application, they should ask the manufacturer for assistance.

An experienced magnet manufacturer would obviously know which magnet fits where. Size is often described in terms of thickness, diameter, width, and length among other factors.

As far as neodymium bar magnets are concerned, size is defined using length x width x thickness. Thickness is normally found along the axis of magnetization and it is often the smallest dimension. When one is looking to buy a longer magnet, one will hardly find a type that is magnetized through the thickness. In most cases, long bar NdFeB magnets are magnetized via the width or length. So far one can realize that a bar magnet can either be short or long. There is also a very necessary factor to consider. This is orientation, which is defined as the direction of magnetization.

Neodymium disc magnets

A NdFeB disc is a permanent magnet that will retain its magnetism for several years. This is particularly if used in a favorable environment that cannot interfere with its plating or coating. They are made of neodymium, iron, and boron and this is the strongest manmade alloy. A neodymium disc magnet, as mentioned above, has many uses around the office, house, garage, or workshop. Some of the uses are summarized as shown below.

  • Door Catches. Small neodymium disc magnets are capable of pulling a twisted cabinet door straight. It can also hold it locked
  • Use on fixtures, hardware, and jigs
  • Hanging items. These magnets are so strong that they can even be used on corner drywall that has a metal core.
  • Neo disc magnets can be used in wood and other surfaces as long as they are backed by steel.
  • Refrigerators
  • Holding tools on the edge of a workbench for easier retrieval

Neodymium disc magnets should be kept from electronic devices such as televisions, computer hard discs, floppy discs, cassette tapes, bank cards, credit cards, and related items. This is because their strong magnetic fields can wipe out data on some of the electronic items mentioned above as they store it magnetically.

Because drilling, screwing, and machining these small items is a sensitive task, it should be done professionally.  Neodymium is very breakable even though hard. So if machined with the wrong equipment it can break easily and become waste.

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