NdfeB Magnets for Electrical Fields

With the increasing performance of permanent magnet materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials are widely used in electrical fields.

electrical fields

Using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials to make a motor, the structure does not require a special electrical excitation system, which helps to improve motor efficiency and power factor, save energy, to reduce the size of the motor.

Currently, in the design of a permanent magnet motor, the general assumption that a uniform distribution of the various parts of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and the magnetic properties of the same batch of neodymium magnets can be the same, while the need to use a permanent magnet demagnetization curve of a permanent magnet at room temperature under suppliers, intrinsic connectivity magnetic parameters, residual magnetism, such as density and maximum energy product.

However, since the manufacturing process and the level of the plant, and other reasons, there is a temperature in each portion of a permanent magnet hereinafter actual performance differences, and the performance of the same group of permanent magnets is different.

The magnetic properties of the permanent magnet

The permanent magnet motor in normal operation can be closely related to the magnetic permanent magnet.

The strong magnet motor can directly determine whether reliable operation.

When the permanent magnet motor is running, sometimes the rotor temperature is high and NdFeB irreversible demagnetization will happen, causing permanent magnet synchronous motor efficiency and power factor, and other performance indicators to deteriorate.

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