How Should You Store Neodymium Magnets?

The reason for rusting and storage of Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium Magnets contain a large amount of neodymium and iron, after a period of time, white or other color spots will appear on the surface, which will slowly develop into rusty spots, but under normal circumstances, it is not easy for rusty spots to appear on the plated magnet.

store neodymium magnet
Store neodymium magnet

There are several reasons for rust spots.

1. magnets are stored in places with humidity, poor air circulation, and temperature changes.

2. The magnet is cleaned of dirt on the surface before plating.

3. insufficient time for plating or process flow problems.

4. Oxidation of magnets caused by broken packaging seal of magnets.

Under normal circumstances, the magnet plating surface should not have rust spots on the qualified plating products of NdFeB strong magnets.

Neodymium strong magnets should avoid the following storage methods.

In overly humid places, with poor air circulation, and when the temperature difference is large, even the products qualified by salt spray test may produce rust spots when stored in a harsh environment for a long time. When the plating products are stored in a harsh environment, the substrate layer further reacts with the condensation water, which will cause the bond between the substrate layer and the plating layer to be reduced, and in serious cases, it will also cause the substrate to be locally chalked and then naturally peeled. Plating products should not be placed in a high-humidity place for a long time and should be placed in a cool, dry place.

Preservation of strong magnets:

1, magnets in storage must be kept indoor ventilation dry, otherwise, the humid environment is easy to make the magnet rust.

2, the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the magnet, and the unplated products can be stored with appropriate oil to prevent rust.

3, magnetized products should be stored away from objects sensitive to magnetic fields.

4、Magnets are made of brittle material, so during transportation, plating (coating), and installation, please make sure the magnets are not subjected to violent impact.

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