Usages of Neodymium Block Magnets

Magnetic blocks are designed for applications that require straight-edged magnets. Block magnets are usually designed with specific dimensions in thickness, length, and width. The thicker these magnets are the more they can usually get magnetized. Because of their high energy and efficiency, neodymium block magnets are useful in many applications.

Apart from medical, electronic, and engineering purposes, neodymium block magnets have many day-to-day usages. Some of these usages can simplify your life a lot. Applications that require straight-edged magnets include:

Cleaning your Fish Tank – You can place a powerful magnet on the outside of the fish tank and another one on the inside, both wrapped in cleaning cloth, and drag them along the entire tank surface. This is fun to do and it also saves you from getting your shirt sleeves wet.

Space Exploration – NASA uses magnets in the Mars exploration rovers. The magnets collect space dust which is later examined.

neodymium block magnets

Brochure Closures – Boxes, binders, brochures, and other presentation devices can be securely closed using magnets. You could use a pair of magnets or a magnet and a steel piece. The size of the magnet usually depends on the holding force required for the folder closure.

Welding Clamps – These come in handy when you have to hold two or more metal pieces in place before welding them together. Block magnets can also be helpful for drilling or machining.

Oil Filters – Magnets are invaluable for filtering metal chips out of oil. This application is suitable for tasks that do not involve temperatures higher than 178 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Celsius.

Toys – Toys that incorporate magnets are usually most attractive to children. You should be cautious about leaving such toys alone with young children as these can be hazardous when swallowed.

Stud Finders – These are used to find nails that are hidden within walls.

Magnetic Therapy – Though this is still a controversial subject, many are affirmative that it works. You should pick the right size magnets for your body.

Remagnetizing Old Magnets – Magnets such as the horseshoe, alnico, and bar magnets can get demagnetized if stored without a keeper, dropped, or when used to repel other magnets. These can easily be magnetized using neodymium block magnets.

Attaching tracking devices to equipment such as vehicles- mounting magnets are useful for attaching small GPS devices to moving targets in order to trace them down easily.

Sticking spice cans to your fridge- This makes it convenient while cooking. You avoid searching everywhere for your favorite spices.

Securing Banners to Cars – Banners and signs can conveniently be held in place using neodymium magnets. This makes it easy when it needs to be removed.

Warehouse Organization – magnets can be used to hold labels and signs in a warehouse for steel shelving. This makes the warehouse signs easy to install and rearrange whenever necessary.

Fixing Dents from Brass Musical Instruments – A steel ball of equal diameter to the dent can be inserted into your instrument. A large block magnet can then be used to attract the ball as it works the dent. Rolling the ball back and forth will eventually fix the dent.

Making Generators – Magnets are an essential component in any generator. The stronger the magnet the more efficiently your generator will work.

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