Magnets in the Medical Field

The utilization of magnetic therapy began quite early. For instance, magnets were employed on acupuncture points in ancient China. Natural magnetic minerals were utilized in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, magnetic girdles, belts, mats, and pillows with therapeutic effects are sold worldwide. You can also find pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) in the market which has been approved by the FDA. Yet remember to apply these FDA-approved magnetic therapies when conventional medicine doesn’t work.

Magnetic Drug Delivery

Magnetic drug delivery is of great significance for cancer diagnosis and treatment. With reliable magnetic apparatuses, these diseases could have better treatment efficiency, and there would be fewer adverse effects.


Lots of state-of-art magnetic equipment appears recently. For example, magnetic nanoparticles are developed for localized drug delivery for cancer treatment. These nanoparticles could carry the drug to the exact site, release the medicine, and fix the particles consequently.


Magnets are popular materials in orthodontics. They are most commonly to aid the retention of dentures and overdentures in dentistry. More recently, rare earth magnets have proven effective in securing dentures and in force systems for tooth realignment. You can also find small-sized magnets in dental devices. Stanford Magnets is a reliable supplier of magnets of different types and shapes. You can select suitable magnets for your dental devices. Send us an inquiry if you are interested.

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Magnets are extensively used in the medical field, including magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic therapy, drug delivery, and dentistry. Stanford Magnets has rich experience in the manufacturing of permanent magnets. If you want to know more about magnets, please visit our homepage for more information.


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