How to Make Ferro Fluid at Home

The video is about how to make ferrofluid at home with a neo magnet.

We will show you how to create your own ferrofluid at home. You will need to make sure you’re wearing a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You will also need some vegetable oil, and a neodymium magnet. Ok so let’s get started. You will need to pour 50ml of toner into that cup, then you will need to pour 30ml of vegetable oil into another cup. So now you add the vegetable oil to the toner. When you’ve done this, you need to stir it. And you need to make sure not to dilute the powder too much. Now we have finished mixing the vegetable oil and toner. Ok now we will do is place a magnet around the cup. And you will see how the ferrofluid is attracted to the magnet. And now we will try a similar experiment on to a dish. We have already placed a little bit of ferrofluid into the dish. And we will place a magnet on to the dish. Watch how the ferrofluid is attracted to the N42 neodymium magnet. And you can see how the magnet is stick under the dish. Now we will use another empty dish. We’ll place the empty dish with the magnet on top of the dish with the ferrofluid. And you can see the ferrofluid will jump and attract to the empty dish with the magnet. Now carefully remove the magnet. Now we’ll try the same experiment with a much larger magnet and see what happens. So now we’re going to try a similar experiment, using a much smaller magnet and put it into the fluid and watch what happens. So the fluid is completely attracted to the magnet.


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